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Businesses with projects that are high impact and time sensitive need efficient project management to meet deadlines, ensure results, and keep team members organized. I’ve been a project manager in several digital media companies and marketing agencies where we’ve worked with a multitude of clients on video production, advertising, product development, and marketing strategy. These projects all required tasks to be completed within a set deadline and budget.


If your business is expanding and growing, your projects probably are too. If you don’t have the systems in place to track progress, and ensure quality assurance on work being completed, things can become stressful. I’m here to help you by running the projects that you need managed, so that you’re able to focus on the bigger picture goal of your business.


Sometimes hiring a project manager can also be a great opportunity to ensure your running your business in an efficient manner. When business owners tend to run everything themselves, sometimes quality control, team performance, and customer relations management can take a hit. With a designated project manager, they’ll be able to focus on the detail-oriented parts of the projects you’re working on, while you can be at-ease overviewing the progress of your business and attracting new customers to grow.

Experience in managing projects related to video production, YouTube growth, design, website optimization, digital strategy, and PPC.

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