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You’d be surprised to know that while most small businesses do have a website, about 30% don’t. About 75% of these businesses either don’t have the time, lack the technical skills, or use social media instead. However, if you plan on having any online presence, or already do have online presence, you need a website to really drive home conversions and sales. But what’s even more crucial than having a website? Having a website that can be found by your target audience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for decades now, but times are changing, technology is changing, and search engines are becoming smarter. Search engines no longer simply keyword match queries with websites that get the most clicks. Now, users are typing in questions, general terms, and topics rather than a very specific search query. While of course traditional keyword research and on-page SEO is still important, websites now need to evolve and adapt to the Google search algorithm. And here’s where I come in to help.


I help businesses with modern on-page and off-page SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization, establishing brand identity, integrating social media, and website development. Whether you’re using Wix, WordPress, Hubspot or coding your site from scratch, I’ve had experience in helping clients develop and manage their website to increase their search rankings and increase conversions, customers, and sales. Even if you’re a freelancer, who doesn’t yet have any major business goals, just having a portfolio can help you generate leads, build a mailing list, and broaden your reach towards new clients. This is the same reason why I created my website from the very beginning.


For those businesses that already have a website, and still aren’t seeing results, maybe it’s time to up your digital marketing game. If you’re not creating content that is shareable, engaging, and/or creates some type of value, you may as well not be creating any content at all. It’s important to create, publish, and promote engaging content to generate even more traffic and build a community.

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