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If you haven’t yet read my take on the power of video for your business, go and do that now. Traditional marketing focused solely on text and images is limiting your reach, and thus, limiting your sales. But once you understand how video works, and once you start making videos, it’s time to post them somewhere so people see them. So where do you post your videos then?


There’s plenty of platforms on the internet to choose from to upload and share videos. Vimeo, YouTube, Periscope, Wistia, Daily Motion, and the whole host of social media platforms all are viable candidates. But when you’re creating video content that’s mean to be discoverable, YouTube is the best option.


It’s hard enough to get your website ranked on Google, so what about videos, how hard is it to rank these and get traffic? Fortunately, much easier, because of how YouTube and Google interact. YouTube growth is much easier to attain.


Creating videos on YouTube about your business can give you higher chances to rank on Google because of how much search engines favor video content. That’s why you’ll see video search results that lead to YouTube in the majority of searches you write into Google.


So now that you’re seeing the power of YouTube, how can you leverage it? If you can generate content that is giving, you can get traffic. And if you can continue to generate content that is valuable, you can generate loyalty, trust, and engaging and active customers. And once you have an audience, that is loyal, engaging, and trusts you, you can generate leads and conversions.


On YouTube it’s easy to do is as you have much more control over your ranking power, and it’s also much quicker to rank and be found on YouTube than it is on Google. And because you can link viewers to your website through YouTube, you can get conversions. If you’re not getting conversions already through search, are you really a business?


YouTube Growth by the Numbers

If you’re still not convinced YouTube is worth it, here are some statistics for you:

  • There are over a billion active users on the site (one-third of the internet population).
  • YouTube gains more than 4 billion views each day (that’s one massive pie, that even 0.00001% of a slice could get you 40,000 views).
  • Per mobile sessions, YouTube users spend about 40 minutes per mobile session on the site (20 times more than the average session on a website).
  • Local versions of the website have been launched in 88 countries (there’s opportunity even outside the US).

If you’re not doing video yet for your business, start. And if you’re not doing YouTube yet for your business, start as well. There’s a huge opportunity for businesses in the YouTube space, and not many businesses have taken the step yet to invest in it. And as a YouTube Certified expert, I’m here to help with YouTube growth and YouTube strategy. You’ll be able to reach a global audience, increase your reputation, build trust, and start increasing the traffic and conversions for business.

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Tutorials with GS


Where it all started… that’s right, this is one of the several channels I own and started many years ago. Back then, my YouTube strategy was non-existent… but over the years it had developed into massive growth.


Data from YouTube Analytics.

Mary Barbera

Mary Barbera

This is one of my favorite clients showcasing stellar YouTube growth, as I’m still working with her today. And not only did we increase traction on YouTube, but the YouTube strategy also boosted sales in SamCart, e-mail CTR in Infusionsoft, views to the website, and following on other social media platforms that were integrated into YouTube. This is the increase of watch time, views, subscribers, comments, shares, and likes that was the result of some video strategy, editing, optimization, SEO, and channel management provided to Mary Barbera.


Data from YouTube Analytics.

RV Odd Couple

RV Odd Couple

This is the increase of views, and subscribers that was the result of some video strategy, editing, optimization, SEO, website and social media integration, and channel management provided to the RV Odd Couple.


Data from Social Blade.

The Abundant Traveler


This is the increase of views, subscribers, likes, comments, shares, and impressions that was the result of some video strategy, editing, optimization, SEO, and channel management provided to The Abundant Traveler.


Data from YouTube Analytics.